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  • March 4, 2020


    To Whom It May Concern:


    I recently completed a Project with CKP Construction – Southwest Neuroscience and Spine Center in Amarillo, Texas.   This project was completed on time and within budget and essentially with no particular issues beyond the normal construction process and minutia.


    Todd Barbour, President of CKP, oversaw the entire operation.  Todd and the entire CKP staff made this project a priority and stayed focused and relentless in pursuit of excellence.


    Mike Head served as Project Manager and Lee Martinez served as the Construction Superintendant.  Both gentlemen worked diligently and passionately to insure that the Owner received the best product possible and that the design intent was thoroughly respected.  


    CKP was incredibly accommodating, responsive, and cooperative.  The work site was always well kept up, clean and organized.  Paper work was flawless.  Execution of documents, timeliness of conflict resolution and attention to detail were handled with incredible professionalism.  Mike and Lee stayed focused on owner’s needs, safety precaution, and the highest level of construction craftsmanship.  


    The staff at Southwest Neuroscience and Spine Center are extremely proud of the outcome and the building they now occupy.


    I would highly recommend CKP for any construction project.



    Thank you,



    Charlie Berger

  • Thanks for the opportunity to work with a man who stands behind what he says..

  • You and your staff made this a smooth project from beginning to end. Construction projects such as our project are complicated and can be filled with problems and frustration, this...

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